The Peasall Sisters

Home to You

Tennessee's Peasall Sisters (pronounced "PEACE-hall") had an early brush with fame providing the singing voices for the McGill children, the daughters of George Clooney and Holly Hunter's characters in 2000's O Brother, Where Art Thou?.

The three-piece sister act's second release, Home to You, features rich harmonies and soulful backdrops. It's a bluegrass/old-timey album every bit as deserving of the cross-generational adulation received by O Brother's soundtrack.

John Carter Cash's warm production creates an intimate living room feel and other second-generation performers such as mandolinist Jamie Hartford (son of John) and guitarist Randy Scruggs (son of Earl) provide a dream session crew for the young headliners. Though their oldest member is barely out of high school, the girls have an extraordinary grasp of this history-steeped material; they're too young to sound this old and wise.

Still, the Peasall Sisters belt it out like second nature. Traditional Irish ballads like "Carrick Fergus," as well as original tracks "Logtown" and "Gray County Line" showcase Sarah, Hannah and Leah's splendid three-part harmonies. At its highest yet still utterly lonesome pitch, their version of the Carter Family's "I Never Will Marry" sends immediate chills. We hope this is just the beginning of a long and storied career.