White Magic

Dark Stars EP

In the post-Dylan landscape, the art of storytelling has warped into a cannon of impenetrable self-indulgence. Mira Billotte, an exception to this trend, understands both the power of allegory and that less is more when crafting a song upon which listeners can project and relate. Dark Stars is a sparse departure from the ambitious arrangements of Dat Rosa Mel Apibus. “Shine On Heaven” sets a tone of ghostly pop resonance that builds around Billotte’s voice, which is accompanied by not much more than a piano and drums. “Very Late” stands out as the song takes a dive into the dark side. Skeletal guitar fingers wrap around the simple, mysterious plodding rhythms. “Poor Harold” and “Winds” butt a gypsy folk tone with shadowy elegance. The songs are simple, nocturnal and draw strength from the unwritten spaces that swell between each lingering note. 4 stars.