Ying Yang Twins

Chemically Imbalanced

Having been spliffed out more than once with D-Roc and Kaine — East Atlanta's Ying Yang Twins — I vouch they can spit memorable lines like Washington's rain at Strokers. So it's surprising how short on dimes the duo's fifth full-length is. There's no "BADD," no "Shake," though there's almost a "Naggin" and "Ms. New Booty." At their best (as in "1st Booty on Duty," "Jigglin" and "Open"), Mr. ColliPark's beats are so rubbery and round you can call them tapioca pearl twerk; you need an extra-wide straw to slurp that syzzurp. And yet Chemically Imbalanced is often a watered-down rehash of the Twins' most trill shake club bangers. Rip the above tracks and add radio-nods "Water," "Dangerous (feat. Wyclef Jean)," "Leave" and "In This Thang Still" for a hella EP. 3 stars.