Sound Shop manager Desiree Williams' top 5

Songs that made her love her day job in '08

1. KEANTHONY, "I Ain't Tryna"

"Classic 'let me rub on ya booty while we dance' R&B music."

2. MONICA BLAIRE, "Special"

"Even if you aren't in love, you can feel this song inside you."

3. THE FOREIGN EXCHANGE, "Take Off the Blues"

"I never knew a rapper who could write a love song, and a producer who could compose the perfect tune to complement it."

4. MURS, "Time Is Now"

"The label picked the wrong single to introduce this guy! Had they put this song out, more people would know who Murs is."

5. PISON FLO, "Dream On"

"Dream on, dreamer ... I'm dreaming, too. Check him out at MySpace.com/pisonflo."