Local Music Feature: Revival of the fittest

A night with no parking on the dance floor

I'm not regularly one for attending church. I find that a majority of people who attend church are there under duress or pretense. That goes for people who attend the Church, as well.
The Church, located on Ralph David Abernathy Blvd., is — as the name implies — an old church that's rented out for parties, located just west of I-85/75 and south of I-20, almost in the shadow of Turner Field. All kinds of regular, semi-regular and one-off events are held there. Notable events include occasional parties by Liquid Groove, among other promoters, and "ESP101: Learn to Believe" Fridays by Iris.
Sometimes the entire building is used, while other events only occupy the basement. One such event, held this past Saturday, and every second Saturday of the month, is "Revival," a night that lifted my spirits.
I'm going to go ahead and warn you ahead of time that if all the color, however much there is, runs from your face at the thought of exploring cultural diversity, don't go to Revival. You'll end up white as a ghost. But if you want to attend an event that may reinvigorate your belief in dance music being a spiritual experience, Revival passes that test with flying colors.
Among the several current nightclub trends that Revival bucks: The crowd is well dressed, but not pretentious. As you got shirt and shoes, you get service, no matter what kicks you kick it in. Tank top and camo pants? Stet. Cashmere sweater and leather boots? Stet. Wear something comfortable that you don't mind sweating in, though, and expect to brush some shoulders, because the basement gets packed.
One thing you won't have to worry about, however, is a dancefloor clogged with sitting kids. Nobody's rubbing backs or twirling glowsticks in front of your face here, though hugz flow freely.
Actually, people are just plain courteous. What happens when somebody bumps into you at one of those overly expensive, oh-so-chic clubs around town? Chances are they'll look at you like you should apologize for wrinkling their overly dressed ass, if they look at you at all. But at Revival, it won't come to that, because people actually try to get around you, to respect your space. If you're a girl, you may get a player's hand on your lower back and a sweet, "'Scuse me." If you're a guy, you at least get a nod in acknowledgement.
And Revival can also claim all the accoutrements of an overly hyped Midtown party, but without the attitude. There were appetizers and massage therapists, a chill-out room and plenty of lovely ladies. And in the spirit of Midtown's Earwax music, organizers of the event, you're gonna hear a deep mix of house, soul and funk, held tight by the likes of DJ Kemit.
Truly, Saturday night revived my faith.