8 greatest punk shows in Atlanta 2008

Sex Pistols at the Great Southeast Music Hall — Jan. 5, 1978

Delayed by visa troubles, the Pistols missed their New York tour dates, so they wound up playing their first U.S. show in Atlanta. They opened with "God Save the Queen," after which Johnny Rotten told the crowd: "You can all stop staring at us now. We're ugly and we know it." Nine days later, the band was history.

Iggy Pop at 688 — 1980

The post-Stooges Iggy played at 688 every night for a week a few months after the club opened, forming a meaningful relationship with the metal pole in the middle of the stage. His set list, written on the wall, remained there for years afterward.

Ramones at the Agora Ballroom — early 1980s

Joey and the boys played Atlanta many times from the late '70s through the mid-'90s (before they died), but are most fondly remembered from their shows at the Agora.

Black Flag at 688 — July 23, 1985

This gig by these California hardcore pioneers was recorded on newfangled videotape and later broadcast on the USA Network's "Night Flight."

Dead Kennedys at the Metroplex — Nov. 23, 1985

With locals Neon Christ opening, Jello Biafra and company delivered their scorched-earth revolutionary polemics with warp-speed urgency.

Bad Brains at the Metroplex — Jan. 18, 1986

The D.C.-based reggae-core outfit was a perennial 'Plex favorite. The band would furiously work a groove until singer H.R. would leap from the balcony onto the stage, grab the mic and the show would begin.

Wendy O. Williams and the Plasmatics at the Metroplex — Nov. 19, 1987

The opening act was D.C. hardcore act Scream, featuring future Nirvanan Dave Grohl on drums. Sporting a shaggy blond Mohawk and nipple spikes, WOW ended the gig by cutting a guitar in half with a chain saw.

Circle Jerks at the Metroplex — Dec. 16, 1987

Besides the fact that this was a kick-ass show, it was chosen because the author of this article recalls eating concrete when he stage-dove and nobody caught him.