Quack across the water

The founder of Viva!, or Vegetarians International Voice for Animals, a British animal rights group, will be on hand this week (along with a videotaped message from fellow vegetarian Sir Paul McCartney) to launch Viva! USA, a stateside sister group to be based in Atlanta. Juliet Gellatley, the English zoologist and activist who started Viva! six years ago and helped turn it into a major force in limiting the sale of “exotic” meats like kangaroo and emu in the U.K., will appear at the Decatur Library 1-3 p.m., Saturday, Sept. 16.

The event is more than ceremonial. There will also be a showing of Ducks Out of Water, a covertly filmed documentary detailing conditions on U.S. duck farms where, according to Viva!, some 24 million water fowl were slaughtered in 1999. While some of the largest such farms are in California and Indiana, many are in the Southeast, and at least one is permitted in Athens, says Viva! USA’s lauren Ornelas.

For more information, call 404-315-8881 or go to www.vivausa.org.

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