'Spam-buster' claims a win

A local attorney who has made a name for himself targeting senders of mass unsolicited junk email - also known as "spam" — racked up another win against a local company last week (see "The war against e-junk," CL, Oct. 7).
Following a complaint filed by Paul F. Wellborn on behalf of a California email company, a federal judge has issued a permanent injunction barring Dunwoody-based Benchmark Print Supply and its owner, Sam Khuri, from sending unsolicited commercial emails. The order opens the door for criminal prosecution if Khuri engages in such deceptive practices as "spoofing" (falsifying a return address or hijacking someone else's return address) or "cloaking" (hiding the email's origin).
"I am elated that I was able to deliver on my promise to free the Internet from the grips of Khuri and his egregious e-mails," says Wellborn. Khuri's practice of flooding email accounts with solicitations from phony addresses have brought him cyber-notoriety among Net-izens. Wellborn earlier this year obtained a less-restrictive order against the merchant, which he claimed Khuri subsequently violated.
Wellborn says he expects Khuri to abide by the judge's conditions this time: "If he spams again, he goes to jail."
Khuri could not be reached for comment.

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