Racist newspaper condemns Kahn for Judaism, compares Barr to Jesus

An anti-Semitic and racist newspaper published by a Marietta man has raised more than a few eyebrows in Roger Kahn's camp.
The undated tabloid newspaper, "The Truth At Last: News Suppressed by the Daily Press," ran a cover story in its latest issue (No. 423) that says Kahn's campaign is "all-Jewish, ... No Christians Work for Kahn." Kahn was in the midst of a heated congressional race with incumbent Rep. Bob Barr of Smyrna. Barr won by 55 percent to Kahn's 45 percent.
The paper, in its 41st year, is edited by "Dr. Edward R. Fields" of Marietta (who could not be reached after repeated attempts). It reads like a list of talking points for a Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard speech.
For instance, Fields compares Barr to Jesus Christ: "Barr's addressing the Council of Conservative Christians in 1998 also brought down the wrath of the Jews. Jesus Christ also faced similar opposition!"
Wait, here's one more: "Clinton-Gore have named more blacks to their administration than any other in history. They have also named more Jews and homos." It also says Clinton "has not appointed a single White Christian Conservative to any post."
Fields also refers to Kahn's campaign treasurer as "the Jew Scott Rafshoon." The head of the Kahn for Congress Committee? That would be "the Jew Michael Mikus." The crazy thing is, Mikus isn't Jewish.
"It'd be funny if this wasn't such a sad event for the campaign," Mikus says. "But it does say a lot about Bob Barr. He seems to draw the worst people, and this is who he plays to."
Barr said in a statement: "This kind of racist garbage belongs in the trash. Roger Kahn's, mine, or anyone else's religion should not be a political issue, and I join in denouncing anyone who would attempt to make it one."

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