DeKalb might extend rezoning moratorium

DeKalb County commissioners are loving a 90-day moratorium, passed March 13, on residential rezoning and land-use amendments so much that they are considering extending the moratorium for another 18 months.

The Board of Commissioners held two meetings so far to get public input about the moratorium, with the third and final meeting scheduled for April 12 at 7:30 p.m. at the New Beginning Full Gospel Baptist Ministry on Valley Brook Road.

At the first two meetings, residents came out to support extending the moratorium and saving trees, but builders griped that the moratorium is wreaking havoc with their ability to rezone and then develop residential areas.

Commissioners are eyeing an extension until Dec. 12, 2002, to give them more time to grapple with issues surrounding DeKalb’s growth (the county population is now about 666,000). Specifically, commissioners have said they want to strengthen tree-protection ordinances, land-use plans, stormwater runoff and stream erosion programs.

It is unknown when the commissioners will vote on the moratorium extension, but action is likely to come before the current moratorium expires on June 12.??

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