Sierra Club to file clean air suit against EPD

The Georgia Chapter of the Sierra Club told state officials on April 16 that it will file yet another lawsuit against Georgia unless the Environmental Protection Division gets off its butt and regulates air pollution coming from the state's major industrial air pollution sources.

The Sierra Club is charging that the state is behind on issuing what are called Title V permits, which set specific limits on how much pollution each facility can emit. The permits also require companies to monitor and report how much pollution they discharge.

The permits "help the state enforce and monitor those facilities' performance, and they open avenues to allow citizens to get involved with what's going on," says the Sierra Club's Allison Kelly. "The state of Georgia is obviously being delinquent in issuing these permits and that affects the way citizens can be a part of the process."

Attorneys from the Georgia Center for Law in the Public Interest told EPD officials they will file the lawsuit within 30 days, Kelly says. ??

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