Cobb slapped with another fine for sewage spills

Less than a week after the Environmental Protection Division fined Cobb County $85,000 for spilling sewage into state waterways, agency officials are proposing to fine Cobb $50,600 for more spills.

The first round of fines covered 335 unpermitted discharges between February 1999 and June 2000. The latest fine, proposed April 23, is for 74 sewage spills that occurred between October 2000 and February 31, 2001, says Marzieh Shahbazas of EPD's Water Protection Branch.

Also on April 23, EPD is looking to fine Cobb County $1,400 for permit violations at the Noonday Creek water pollution control plant. Cobb County has paid EPD $130,025 since June 1998 for sewage overflows, spills and other water pollution.

Cobb County's Water Systems Director Bob Brice says restaurant grease is responsible for up to 85 percent of the sewer system's problems, and the county is strengthening grease disposal regulations for restaurants. ??

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