The heist scene, take three

Some very well-informed thieves hit an unlikely target when they broke into the Cinevision private screening room last week and made off with two antique projectors and a vintage camera housing.

The burglars smashed through a plate glass window and went straight for a 1947 theater projector and a mid-'50s, tripod-mounted movie camera housing from the front lobby, and a rare 1904 hand-crank projector from a back office.

Along the way, they passed up a set of concert speakers, office equipment and the film prints for all the movies being shown this summer at Turner's Screen on the Green series in Piedmont Park, as well as a van-full of high-priced projection and PA equipment.

The stolen items were semi-functional, but were used only for decoration. Their value is unknown.

"This was definitely pre-planned," says Cinevision office manager Saundra Conner of last Monday night's break-in. "There were so many other things they could have taken. They knew exactly what they wanted and where to find it."

Conner says her company suspects that a collector who is familiar with their offices off Chamblee-Tucker Road hired a strong-arm crew to steal the heavy equipment. Even so, she says, in the struggle to haul the items out, they broke off various small pieces that will make the antiques easy to identify.??

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