Cox attacked over alleged McKinney election violations

The Southeastern Legal Foundation, the archconservative group that got former President Bill Clinton's license to practice law suspended in Arkansas and supported the Boy Scouts of America ban on homosexuals, is now talking trash about Secretary of State Cathy Cox.

The group's new president, Phil Kent (brought in to replace former President Matt Glavine, who was cashiered after being busted trying to get a little somethin' from a male park ranger), sent a letter reprimanding Cox for not updating the public on election law violations allegedly committed by U.S. Rep. Cynthia McKinney and her pop, state Rep. Billy McKinney. Since last November, Cox's office has been investigating allegations that the McKinneys broke state voting laws by campaigning in a polling place and intimidating voters and election workers.

"The public has heard of no action from you for more than eight months," wrote Kent. "When will you take appropriate action?"

A spokeswoman for Cox says the investigation is still going on, and therefore she can't comment on it.

The investigation may have been slowed somewhat out of consideration for the elder McKinney's health; the 74-year-old was recently diagnosed with colon cancer. Then again, it's likely that media impact is at least as important to Kent as any progress on the investigation: Local news outlets received the letter even before Cox did.??

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