Fonda, Woody and the ice cream guy lending names to fight Bush

Jane Fonda, Woody Harrelson and Ben and Jerry's co-founder Ben Cohen are helping the Atlanta office of the nonprofit League of Conservation Voters Education Fund take a swipe at President George W. Bush's pro-bidness energy plan.

The celebs are sponsoring and judging an online animation and video contest for a website (cleanaircleanwater.org) that will, when it gets up and running, help citizens' voices be heard in Washington.

"If President Bush is going to try to use the power of big money to force a 19th-century energy policy on Americans, then we will use the big ideas of 21st-century technology to try to stop him with the power of our voices," Fonda says.

"With this online contest, the [League of Conservation Voters Education Fund] has found a great way to maximize the strengths of the Web using innovation and creativity."

The winner of the contest will get $4,999. Entries are due Aug. 31. Check out www.cleanaircleanwater.org/contest for more info.??

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