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Add another $45,000 to the $53 million in fines the City of Atlanta may have to pay because of its incessant sewage spills.

The city has agreed to pay the fine to the state Environmental Protection Division for two spills that dumped a total of 410,884 gallons of raw sewage into Proctor Creek and Indian Creek.

The first spill was caused by a power failure at the Bolton Road pump station on Sept. 21, 2000; the second was caused by a collapsed sewer line on Jan. 31, 2001, according to Jeff Larson, who manages the Permitting Compliance and Enforcement Program in EPD's Water Protection Branch.

The $45,000 fine is a separate action from a 1998 federal consent decree that ordered the city to fix its antiquated sewer system by 2007.

City officials are now toying with a $1 billion plan to upgrade the sewage infrastructure without separating sewage lines and stormwater drainage, which may or may not solve the spill problem.??

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