Let the games begin

Just because Mayor Bill Campbell is leaving office, don't think he'll suddenly be without a platform from which to battle federal authorities, a fact that isn't lost on the U.S. Attorney's Office.

While Campbell's move to radio as a commentator on the nationally syndicated Tom Joyner show seems like an obvious choice given his skill as an orator and the fact that he would have a tough time getting elected as dog-catcher in a citywide race, his new career also may be beneficial if he is indicted.

He'll have a ready-made audience from which he'll be able to generate public support. That doesn't make the prosecutors' job more difficult from an evidentiary standpoint, but it could politicize a case that's already weathered charges of racism and vindictiveness.

Dwight Thomas, the attorney for recently indicted Spectronics Corp. CEO Dorothy Rollins, played that very tune last week when he publicly declared that he would never allow the U.S. Attorney's Office to use his client as a pawn in its quest for Campbell. As prosecutors turn up the pressure on Rollins and her three co-defendants, Thomas' gambit could mean two things: merely a warning shot because Rollins' plea agreement wasn't to their liking, or, a signal that he'll fight the charges.

Either way, Campbell stands to have an eager audience if he chooses to wage a public battle against the investigation.??

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