And she's paving the roadway to heaven

Most of the Department of Transportation board meeting on April 17 was devoted to justifying construction of the $2.4 billion Northern Arc.

A string of DOT officials explained a slide presentation (you can see it on the DOT's website at www.dot.state.ga.us) complete with color maps showing metro Atlanta's population growth up to the year 2035.

All kinds of stats were thrown around: The population of the counties that will contain the Arc — Bartow, Cherokee, Forsyth and Gwinnett — will increase by 48 percent by 2035 and traffic volume will increase by 64 percent.

Most shocking was the announcement that, if the Northern Arc doesn't get built, the average speed in the region will drop from 41 miles per hour to 13 mph. The source for this information was the DOT's Northern Arc Major Investment Study.

But what the DOT officials failed to mention during the presentation is that if the Northern Arc does get built, the average miles per hour in the region would be a blistering 15 miles per hour. Yep, that's right, $2.4 billion so commuters can go two miles per hour faster.??

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