Attacking the problem

To its credit, Little Five Points hasn’t treated the April 4 beatings of two black men by three hate-spouting white attackers as an isolated incident.

In addition to a gathering last week, the community is set to hold two more meetings this week — the second one is scheduled for 7 p.m. Thursday at the Little Five Points Community Center — about the issue.

There’s also a silent vigil planned for May 4 — the one-month anniversary of the attacks on Idris and Che Golden.

Little Five Points Business Association President Eric Levin says his group will look to put up signs denouncing racial violence in neighborhood stores. The signs will probably also have a list of community standards and “let customers know that we’re looking out for you and that you are part of the community,” Levin adds.

The business association will be raising money to pay rent for the mini-precinct in the neighborhood as well as security patrols. Levin says the group plans to look for money from surrounding neighborhood organizations as well as government sources to fund the security patrols.??

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