Ed Kramer trial put off again

Dragon*Con founder Ed Kramer is still awaiting his day in court after his trial for child molestation was pushed back indefinitely — again.

Originally scheduled for February in Gwinnett Superior Court, the Kramer trial and hundreds of others were delayed when a judge threw out the county's entire jury pool because it had been improperly compiled. Coincidentally, Walt Britt, the attorney who had initially contested Gwinnett's jury pool also represents Kramer, who is accused of molesting two brothers, ages 13 and 15.

Rescheduled for May 6, the Kramer trial was delayed again after Britt convinced Superior Court Judge Debra Turner that 13 videotapes seized at Kramer's home prior to his Aug. 25, 2000, arrest should be declared inadmissible as evidence at the trial.

The tapes reportedly include "Terror at Tate Mansion," a low-budget horror flick written and produced by Kramer and co-starring a young boy. Assistant District Attorney Nancy DuPree says she plans to appeal the judge's decision, but her insistence on using tapes that, at best, merely bolster the perception that Kramer has a strong interest in young boys makes one wonder how much direct evidence the prosecution has against him.

Meanwhile, Kramer remains under strict house arrest at his Duluth home; it seems likely he'll miss his second straight Dragon*Con, the July sci-fi and gaming convention he co-founded in 1987.??

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