Come to vote (or vice versa)

If you're tired of canvassers traipsing to your door offering you endless reasons to vote for Dubya or the Johns, here's a new reason to register (no later than Oct. 4, mind you): You could have an easier time getting laid.

That's the premise of Votergasm.org, a Brooklyn-based nonpartisan website whose mission is to get 100,000 first-time voters to cast a ballot — and 250,000 18- to 25-year-olds to pledge to enjoy a post-vote orgasm Nov. 2 (or perhaps in the early hours of Nov. 3). The catch: Pledges can only hook up with another voter on election night — and are supposed to withhold sex from nonvoters for a night, a week or up to four years.

"We're tapping into two basic desires," says Votergasm.org spokeswoman Michelle Collins. "We need to take advantage of the freedoms America allows us — to vote and to have intercourse. Voting and sex play important parts in the future of America."

The website, which was launched in early September by Columbia, Harvard and Barnard grads, has so far received 6,500 pledges and more than 1 million hits. The initiative mostly has received positive feedback, though Collins says a University of Hawaii women's studies professor expressed concern that Votergasm.org's sexual pandering is a step backward when it comes to women's lib.

Votergasm.org's members are in the midst of planning election night parties in major cities, including Atlanta, though a venue hasn't been named yet. Peter Koechley, one of Votergasm.org's founders, says 136 Georgians — many of them University of Georgia and Emory students — already have pledged. So take the pledge, cast your vote and keep a nonvoter begging for nookie.To register to vote, visit www.sos.state.ga.us, click on "Voter Information" under the "Elections" banner, then click on "Registering to Vote." Registration forms must be postmarked no later than Oct. 4.

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