CL asked the people (?) attending Dragon*Con:Do girls dig sci-fi guys?

Darth Maul: We certainly do. If someone is wearing tights, we wish we could get their outfits. I’ve always liked guys in kilts, and I like guys in black and red ‘cause they’re usually the bad guys — and it’s more fun to go out with bad guys. I don’t like guys with bumpy tentacles; I like guys with horns. It’s the shape — you know what I mean?

Aurra Sing: Totally. They’re very cute and smart and rich — most of the time being computer geeks. It takes a lot of guts to go out and dress like this. It just means that guys are confident. They’re fun and intelligent and good creative problem solvers, because they know how to make a costume. Fat is a problem for me, and I don’t like “Star Trek” guys — outdated and stiff. There’s all these rules to follow, and everything is civilized and perfect. I like the dark side.

Aayla Secura: As a general rule, I’d say [sci-fi guys are] up-and-coming. They’re low on the radar now, but I think they’re going to have their renaissance; the stigma is on the decline. It’s not just confined any more to the geek boys, the fan boys and the dorks of the world — and more and more women are going to be noticing them. But I tend to shy away from the Star Fleet officers because they think they have a lot of authority over everything. They tend to talk down to other people. I like storms troopers. Chicks dig guys in armor.??