Are you smarter than your typical Atlantan?

Amy: No. Most people are smart. Most people are dead center on the bell curve. Years ago, the top IQ guy in Mensa was a janitor. A lot fewer people here read — but that has nothing to do with whether you’re smart or not. I read a lot more, whereas somebody else is getting the kids off to school and she excels at that — and a bag lady has kept herself out of mental hospitals this many years, she’s got a nice spot at Piedmont Park and things are looking cozy.

A.J.: There’s a large percentage of people who are really dumb out there, so it’s really not that hard to be smarter. I’m from here, so I can say that. We got things like the Bible Belt, and they mix shit like church and state — which is dumb. Racism is dumb. My whole family is dumb. Whenever I’m in Stone Mountain, that’s really dumb. It’s suburban kids trying to be like Compton [kids]. It’s especially dumb out there.

Jimbo: Being a SubGenius — [of the] Church of the SubGenius — I would have to say I’m far, far smarter on a stupider level, because people are so stuck up here, man. It used to be a lot of fun up here, now everybody is like real uppity. I’m smarter because I have the power to be stupid. I firmly believe this. You got to have the power to be able to say, “Hey, I’m an idiot — and I know this.” Praise Bob.