Do a lot of people stare at you?

Faith: Yes, I get a lot of stares from men. They always want to look at my ass. I was in a car stopped at a light, and a man thought it would be a good idea to take pictures of my butt. I guess my butt is very appealing. It's round and it's nice — not too wide, not narrow. If a man is handsome, then he can look, but I really don't like every man looking, especially older men who can be my grandpa. That makes me angry.

Ted: Yes, I don't know why they're staring at me. Maybe I look famous but I'm not. It makes me very uneasy and paranoid. I just want to blend in and be basically unnoticeable and anonymous. I try to stare back at them and let them know that yes, the fact that you're looking at me has not gone unnoticed and I'm going to look right back at you. My girlfriend's cats stare at me all the time, too, and it drives me fuckin' nuts.

Kristin: Yes, so I deal with it. I stare back so I'm prepared for the guy who's trying to make his move. There's a difference between the admiring look and the sleazy undressing you with his eyes look. You know when it's happening. I give back the 'I'll kick your fuckin' ass look.' Both my parents are black belts so I know how to handle myself. I still demand the guy make the first move. Staring won't work. I'm not that easy like a lot of the girls in Atlanta.