Does the Atlanta working stiff get any respect?

Harry: The Delta union pilots are respected, but everyone else in Atlanta gets screwed. It's a totally adverse environment to any kind of working person, whether you're working in a factory or a so-called white-collar job. It's just a dismal situation to be working here. I'm a lot more broke than I was five years ago.

Melody: American holidays are all based on consumerism. Labor Day is an excuse to have a mattress sale or a cigar sale. I have to work on Labor Day. In Europe, people don't work that much; they take naps in the middle of the day. That's a much better way of respecting workers, other than giving them one day. Unions are fantastic. They work horribly in the U.S., but they really know how to do them in Europe.

Josh: If you're an unskilled worker, don't expect to be treated like a king; don't expect to be paid like someone who spent five, six years in college; and don't use the force of the rest of the company to [get] what you think you should be getting. My dad started out as a general laborer, a janitor at Delta. He worked and went to school for three years and now makes $75,000 a year. Hard work pays off in the end. He didn't join any union; he worked for it. And that's how it should be done.??