Is Atlanta a good baseball town?

Jean: Atlanta is developing into a good baseball town, but we don’t have that generations and generations of fans behind us. The biggest difference between here and a good baseball town is that few are keeping score. And if you listen to the conversations around [the ballpark], the girls are talking about getting their hair done and the guys are talking about going hunting. They’re not into the game.

Joe: It’s strictly for winners — but that’s true in most cities. That’s not only true in sports. How many friends do you think Al Gore has now? And the fans here are more knowledgeable than the people who write and talk about them. Most people who write and talk about these teams are headline seekers. Atlanta gets a bad rap because of the media here.

Dan: You have a lot of anti-Braves fans here. And they make sure and tell you where they’re from and what team they pull for, even though they’ve been living here 20 years. I find it frustrating that folks who moved here in high school are 40 years old and still pulling for the Red Sox. When are you going to become an Atlanta fan? How long do you have to live here? Does it take generations? When are you ever going to feel the sense of community???