Is FM radio in Atlanta any good?

Randy: As far as left of the dial, Atlanta radio is excellent. I'm talking 91.1 and 88.5. Tons of kids I know who grew up on it have gone on to fame and are doing really good cutting-edge music. It opened their ears to the world. Right of the dial, like 99X or 96 Rock, they're playing the same shit they were playing when I was a teenager, with the exception of maybe Nirvana.

Jamail: Truly fantastic. You have a different variety of stuff — especially with 97.1 coming out with a new station. FM radio continues to grow in Atlanta, which I haven't seen in other cities. You get hip-hop, soul, R&B, country. You go to New York, and you're not going to hear a lot of country. Or in L.A., you won't hear music with a Southern flavor. You have Southern artists winning Grammys who are never played in other cities. The South is overlooked — and so is its music.

Patty: I refuse to be a party to anything that's exploiting lower-middle-class America — and that's what FM radio does. It's the same shit all the time, this whole underlying vibe of needing to belong so bad — and that's what all that shit FM music is. Even the morning shows — they're getting girlfriends to set up their boyfriends on the radio. What the hell is that? What corporate America thinks is reality is not reality for most people.