Should Atlanta be building itself a Wi-Fi network?

Daniel: It would be nice to have, but it's too far-fetched. That is not necessary for our culture to survive. The city can survive without wireless Internet, but it can't survive without an accurate sewer system. There are more important things to be paid for. Let's fix the existing problems that we have instead of having a wireless system. What about public transportation? I'd much rather be able to breathe than be able to contact MySpace.com whenever I want to.

Warren: Definitely. This city wants to be progressive and bring itself into the digital age. The only way you're going to do that is if everybody has free Internet or free access to the Internet. We definitely have a problem with our sewers and infrastructure, but that is going to take many, many years to fix as opposed to a Wi-Fi network that could be up in a few years.

Chris: No. There's already an abundance of Internet access options. There's really not that many cities that are really doing it. They're kind of at the experimental phase and I have a feeling that when they start to see what the ongoing cost of running it is, it's going to be a lot more than they expected. I don't like the idea of government competing with private industry.