Streetalk October 09 2003

What was the worst concert you’ve seen this year?

Steve: Bruce Springsteen had the most boring show I’ve ever seen. His band is a bunch of old fogies who do whatever they want. There’s no clarity; all the songs sound the same. It’s like a tribute to themselves — and it’s garbage. They act like they won the Super Bowl every time they finish a song. What’s with the extravaganza? I expect a lot of my heroes, but Bruce is no good anymore. He’s got to fire his band, start from scratch, make some art. Stop jumping up and down like an idiot.

Mark: Worst is Korn at Ozzfest. It was wretched. They’re up there talking about how hard their life is. It really is not that hard, and it never was. I gave them their first show at the Somber Reptile in front of nobody. Now they’re playing in Ozzfest, right before Ozzy Osbourne. It was lifeless. I left my third-row seat and went to the lawn; I couldn’t stand being in front of them. Then I saw Ozzy — he was sad. He was shaking on stage. I literally cried.

Oscar: OutKast. They can’t sing; they can’t harmonize. It’s just “WHOA, WHOA, HEY, HEY, YO, YO, HEY, YO ...” What are you talking about? It’s anti-society music; down with the cops, all authority figures — be it a school teacher, a doctor or a lawyer. It’s all steppin’ and stompin’. Can they dance? I don’t think so. They’re entertaining from a comical viewpoint. But talented? No.