Streetalk October 16 2003

Is Little Five Points a happening place?

Laurent: It's the only place you can walk around and actually meet people and see their faces. Virginia-Highland is more like watching "Friends". It's all one kind of people but Little Five is a whole mix of people. Even the homeless bring a perspective. I mean it's better to see them and look them in the eye and know they're around than to ignore them or pay someone to keep them in jail.

Ashley: It's not so much happening for the younger crowd that likes a little more sophisticated area, but definitely it's a good Sunday hangout. It's aesthetically fun to look at. As far as the panhandling, I've never seen it as a problem. It's all in your perspective of the world and how open-minded you can be. Everybody has to make a living and if they have to do it by coming up and asking you [for money] that's how sales work in the first place.

Tim: Not as much as it should or used to be. The city is saturated with so much retail that, sad to say, Little Five Points has lost a lot of its flavor. Instead, Little Five Points has turned into one big panhandling alley and, unfortunately, nothing is being done about it. People miss the entrance to your store because they just want to pass and avoid the panhandlers. It's not a pleasant place to be when you have people urinating and passing out and ambulances being called all the time. -- Jeff Slate