Streetalk October 23 2003

Does Atlanta do Halloween well?

Angie: Absolutely. People have money here. Atlanta is not a city of love and making families, so Valentine’s Day and other holidays are not that popular. It’s much more into ego and is self-centered. In Atlanta, everybody wants fast cars and beauty, everybody is a rock star. And during Halloween, that rock-star side of them comes out. They come into our store, [Psycho Sisters] very conservatively, and wind up walking out of here feeling like a pimp or a ho.

Rat Fink: Atlanta is insane on Halloween. We’re in the South, where a lot of people were killed a long time ago, so there are more ghosts that float around here. You just look around here, and most of the graveyards are haunted and creepy. There are more Confederate and Northern soldiers killed here — and really weird stuff happens here. A lot of them just walk the streets looking for their dead friends. I can’t say I’ve seen them, but I’ve definitely heard them.

Paul: People come out and expose their heart a little bit more; it’s the night it’s OK to be themselves. Atlanta is a very creative city, but people are not who they truly are for some reason. Here, it’s hidden until there’s any opportunity for a party — especially on Halloween. Atlanta is sort of a big high school. Everybody knows what everybody is doing; everybody is hiding. So during Halloween, they get to be at least a part of who they really are — or want to be.