Streetalk November 06 2003

What's it like to be bald in Atlanta?

Brian: My hair used to be down to my back. I originally shaved my head to piss off a soon-to-be ex-girlfriend. It pissed her off. We were in the process of breaking up, but she loved my hair — so I shaved it all off. I needed to let her know that things had changed. When you're bald, you get less girlie-girls; you get less Buckhead-type girls, but you get cooler, hipper people who are much less concerned about social acceptance.

Todd: Whether you're an ugly bastard or you're a sexy bastard, women want to rub your bald head. I got the intimidation factor; it's true with any bald guy. If somebody has a bald head and a goatee, the intimidation factor gets them all the time. Women aren't intimidated at all — but the men are. As far as the jokes are concerned, I could care less. Being bald is beautiful.

Brandon: Women like the bald heads. But the whole stereotype thing is the worst part. I definitely have people cross the street when I'm walking down the sidewalk. That's a normal thing. Grabbing purses — that kind of stuff. I'll stop and say, "How are you doing? How's your day?" I'm as friendly as I can be because it just shocks them. They assume someone who looks likes me is an asshole. And when you're not, it's good to break the stereotype. But sometimes I'll mess with them just to scare them. When I'm in a bad neighborhood, I don't get bothered.