Streetalk December 04 2003

How did you make Atlanta a better town in 2003?

Ashley: I saved a baby bird who’d fallen off its nest. I fed it with a bottle every hour, 24 hours a day for one week. I even taught it to fly from my shoulder to my TV. I took it to a bird habitat, and two months later, when it could fly, it got set free with all the other birds. I named it Ndugu. A lot of people came in the store, and they were like, “Ah, you saved a bird!” And then two other girls down the street saved other birds.

Chris: I haven’t done a whole lot to make Atlanta a better place, except pay taxes. Other than that, I’ve made it a worse place by littering and doing drugs, and playing the music of the devil. I may leave Atlanta. It would be better if I left. If I weren’t here, it would be better because my negative attitude about it wouldn’t be here. A couple of flowers would blossom in my absence. In a city that’s trying so hard to be positive, there’s no room for people like me.

Whitney: I go to the bars and drink, have fun and I make sure other people have fun. And the bars shouldn’t close at 2 a.m. — I haven’t stood for anything, but that’s what I stand for. I don’t vote, but I look good. And when people look around, they want to see pretty Southern girls — and that’s what I aim to be.