Streetalk December 11 2003

What was the best and worst CD of the year?

Adam: Unearthed by Johnny Cash. There's some astounding stuff in there that never saw the light of day before. Certain material that would seem very tired otherwise, he breathes new life into it. He was almost a genre of music unto himself. Worse is Ryan Adams. The music press is always slobbering over him. I have no idea why. His music is the antithesis of Johnny Cash; his music is like a bad laxative. It's titled Rock N Roll, which is astounding because I hear no rock 'n' roll on it whatsoever.

Paul: Worst is Lil Jon and East Side Boyz. There's no culture, no knowledge — nothing but idiocy and stupidity. "From the windows to the wall, to the sweat roll off my balls." That's about it. I cringe when I say it. They've been inducted into the Hall of Hip-Hop; I don't believe it. There's no thought process in what they do; this is what we have to look at. Kristyles by KRS-One is the best. One of the greatest MCs of hip-hop ever. He just pushes the levels of hip-hop.

Kate: Best is Terminus City and No Holds Barred split — it's an "Oi!" CD. The drum tracks are fabulous, and [the vocals sound] like a train running through your house. Worst is Linkin Park's Meteora. Everybody hides the CD because nobody wants to be seen listening to it. They're last year's news. Listening to them now, you feel like you want to stab yourself in the ear with a screwdriver.