Streetalk December 18 2003

What will be happening in Atlanta in 2004?

Ken: Since clubs are going to close so early and people don’t want to go home, there will be speakeasies — clubs set up by an individual at a warehouse or in a basement. You basically become a club owner. You have security guys at a door; if you bring someone that is not invited, you won’t get in and you’ll never be invited again. It’s underground, so it keeps local cliques together.

Morgan: I see 1920s’ fashion trends coming back — a lot of fringe and flapper dresses, and gaudy fake jewelry. Over the years, girls were in their boyish stages. Now they’re getting more feminine. Girls are getting girlier, and the ’20s were a very feminine period. I’m looking forward to it, because I have a bunch of furs and a lot of people in the ’20s wore a lot of fur. I’m ready for it.

Paul: People are going to become more independent; as you make things more expensive, people find a cheaper way out. I see cisterns coming to Atlanta. It’s very popular in Key West and Jamaica, where water is at a premium. Every new house should have an underground water collection system from the gutters in its building plans; you bypass the entire city process. It could pay for itself in two years — so why shouldn’t you have it? It’s the ultimate conservation when you use your own water — or God’s water — on your own acreage.-- Jeff Slate