Streetalk January 01 2004

How were the big holidays?

Lara: The pink pig sucked. There was absolutely no creativity for children. The train only fit three adults per train so it took hours and hours. And once you got inside, it lasted two minutes. There was no Christmas snow, no decorations. Four pieces of foam board put together with little scenes of piggies. It was stupid. Four scenes took two minutes, and we waited two and half hours to get on this stupid thing.

Latisha: It’s Christmas. It was cold. You’re standing out there an hour and half waiting for one bus. You then get on the train that’s packed. And the train is running late, too. I got off on the wrong side of Five Points. I was trying to get to my aunt’s Christmas dinner at three. Me and my son don’t get there ‘til six? I’m freezin’ cold, everyone is already gone, and the only food left for us are those little party wieners. No ham, no sweet potato pie. Nothing but wieners.

John: I was out with friends. I was the designated driver. I parked on the street. There was a truck obstructing the no parking sign. We’re in the bar for forty minutes and the car is gone. They towed it. We went to the Atlanta property place and they just said we towed your car and we bent your tie rod. So now I can’t drive my car until next Tuesday. It got my wife mad. We share the car. She had told me to stay home and I kind of went out and I was the DD for my idiot friends.