Streetalk January 29 2004

Where are you watching the Super Bowl?

Bill: I'm throwing a Super Bowl party for business at my personal residence. In the end, it's going to help me pay the rent. Five dollars a head, all you can eat, all you can drink. I hired a bartender, have a buffet-type deal and just the general hospitality that I would offer to any of my friends. You can't be successful without taking a risk. I'm young, I don't have too many resources, but you have to try once in a while.

Nubyjas: Jazzy T's or Magic City. You have the same size TV as your regular sports bar, equal food and naked women at halftime. They bring them out during halftime, kind of turn down the lights and have a full exhibition. It's pretty damn good. It's every guy's dream watching a touchdown pass and seeing some breasts. It doesn't get any better for me. Cold beer on the side, naked women, team scoring a touchdown, I can't picture a better day. And you'll see some big-name guys in there, too.

Jessica: There's a Super Bowl? It's boring to me. It's a bunch of men chasing a ball with illusions of being heroes. I don't see any feminine aspects in football so I don't see a reason to follow it. There are no female players in the Super Bowl. If they want female support, they should have female representation. It would be a lot more watchable to me. Cheerleaders are in a second position status. That's not very positive or a strong role for women. There's nothing going on in the Super Bowl. -- Jeff Slate