Streetalk February 05 2004

Did Kathy Cox evolve from a monkey?

David: She may have evolved from an orangutan. She looks like an orangutan. Due to her hair, she’s got that same auburn look to her. I’m a Republican and I’m frustrated about the whole thing. She’s simply trying to appease the same people that Sonny Perdue used to get elected with the flag issue. It reflects upon her own mindset on how to keep herself in office. She thought she’d get a lot of help, but across party lines, Democrats, Republicans, conservatives, liberals, everybody is looking at this one and saying why. Why this?

Sass Parilla: I came up in the wilds of Borneo where I studied voice and bass playing, and I wanted to come to the United States to beat a better path for singing gorillas everywhere. So I knew a lot of gorillas back there and none of them were related to Kathy Cox. She may have come from some lower primate form or she may not have evolved at all because she doesn’t believe in evolution, so perhaps it never happened to her.

Keshia: No. I don’t believe in evolution. I believe in Christianity and that God created us and nowhere do I have any inclination that we came from an animal. We’re not animals. We have the ability to reason. Evolution, even though it has a scientific kind of theory behind it, is somewhat of a religious stand. I don’t support removing the word evolution. I think the key is balance. Evolution should be presented as a theory. It’s not proven.-- Jeff Slate