Streetalk February 12 2004

Have you given or taken more on Valentine's Day?

Niki: Give. I put thought, time and energy into my gifts and then receive the typical cliché Hallmark gifts. That sucks. I thought [former boyfriends] were creative. Turns out not to be. They just did what their friends did: dinner, flowers, movie, really boring. When I had a boyfriend, I knew Valentine's Day was going to be bad and I just lived through it. I'd let them know I didn't like flowers. They never got the hint.

Beau: I got free lasagna last year from my girlfriend and I got sex and I didn't get VD, so I guess I'm a taker. But the girl was crazy. Thank God! She tried to "off" herself a few times with a few pills. But I got a new prospect that's cool as shit this year, and as far as I know, she's not suicidal. Bottom line, this year my goal is to have sex on Valentine's Day with a girl who doesn't attempt to commit suicide days later.

Heather: Last year I was engaged to someone who was legally married but was legally divorced on Valentine's Day. My friends threw me a birthday party but then it turned into more of a Valentine's party, but then it turned into an anti-love party. "Love undone" was the theme because the person I was marrying, his divorce was finalized on Valentine's Day, which is also my birthday, so it was awful. This is someone who lied and said he was divorced when I met him. He ruined my Valentine's Day and my birthday. It's supposed to be love done, not love undone.