Streetalk March 18 2004

Who are the most annoying people at Piedmont Park?

Jason: Guys that play guitar who don’t how to play. It’s the same principle with guys with the guitars on the beach. They’re there just to try to pick up girls. They may know one or two songs, usually a Dave Matthews song or “Brown Eyed Girl.” They’ve made me hate that song. Typically, they’re working the two or three chords they’ve mastered. If you were a musician, why would you bring your guitar to the park? It could get scratched, damaged or peed or defecated on by a dog.

Rebecca: People who come to dog park who either are fearful of dogs or don’t like dogs. Then there’s always the mother who brings her kid to the dog park and the child starts crying because they’re afraid of dogs. It’s not a zoo, for God’s sake. It’s a dog park! The park is huge. Take your kid somewhere else. There’s so many other places in the park to go. Keep your kid out of my dog park!

Jim : Rollerbladers, the ones who don’t know the etiquette of the park. They go zooming past you and almost knock you over. I’d like to get a wrench and rip the wheels off their blades and make them walk home. They’re a plague on society. I’ve almost gotten knocked off a couple of times and they don’t even stop to see if you’re all right. Bottom line is it’s just rude. If they just stopped and sort of acknowledged you or said “oops” it would make a difference.