Streetalk April 08 2004

What did you enjoy most and least about the Dogwood Festival?

Drew: It shows the hunger Atlanta has for outdoor festivals. But they ban dogs yet have all these people with these huge SUV-like strollers. Everybody else is pretty polite, but there’s something about a soccer mom behind a stroller. They bring their suburban lifestyle, their big vehicles and big strollers and try to carve out a space for themselves. You’re just swept up in this stream of gangs of families and baby strollers. If they ban dogs, they should ban strollers.

Mitzi: Crabcakes were excellent. Big lines, worth the wait. And the quality of art is very high. But it was a struggle for parking. When we originally got [t]here, we went to one parking lot and it was $15, and I said, “No way.” So he sent me to the next lot down the line and it’s $10. I didn’t feel the car was too secure. But we took a chance. And we were wondering whether we were going to be blocked in.

Jerry: I love it, but I live around here. I hated to, but I had to have the police come twice. [Cars] block my parking lot. God forbid if there’s ever an emergency. I don’t like doing it, but I waited two hours hoping they would come back. And then the woman finally showed up. She was a minister, and she said she was going to kick my ass. The parking is something the festival has got to deal with. Let us tow cars.-- Jeff Slate