Streetalk April 15 2004

How’s the food this year at the ballpark?

Bryan: I had some soft tacos and pretzels. Tacos were a little rubbery and the cheese was rubbery as well. Everything together was $13. Right now, I’m pissed that I bought it. I ate it, but I probably won’t do it again. I’ll eat before I come to the game next time. I’d had good stuff here before, but gosh, they’ve jacked up their prices pretty good. I travel around a lot, been to a lot of other ballparks, and a lot of other ballparks aren’t nearly as expensive.

Vernell: The Philly cheesesteak — it’s not really seasoned, so the flavor is not really there, but I’m hungry. The fries are good. The beer is the best. The beer is better than the food. It’s what you expect when you come to a ball game. It’s OK, but the food should be awesome. The Braves are a good team. And Atlanta is a town of good food. It’s a huge, metropolitan, wealthy city. The Georgia Dome has more upscale food and they should do that here.

Marti: My husband said the chicken Philly was very good. It was packed. It’s not greasy — well, a little greasy. I was surprised to see it on the menu, and for a baseball game, five or six bucks is very reasonable. Normally, there’s only going to be a hot dog or a hamburger or nachos. And I had the chili cheese fries and they were delicious. They get you with the Coke — $4.50 for a Coke. That’s a rip-off.