Streetalk April 29 2004

Are there too many drunks at Music Midtown?

Marisa: Yes. It’s about getting wasted with a bunch of other yokels and hooting and hollering and being jackasses. If they back into or stumble into me, and if I have a cigarette, I burn holes in their clothes. So when you come home and find holes in your clothes, now you know why. This year it’s all corporate rock, Top 40. It’s crap. And I’m sure the non-ironic, trucker-hat-wearing contingent will be really excited about the arrival of the Steve Miller Band. That will go just right with that Bud Light.

Al: It won’t prevent me from going at all. I’ve never had any problem. It ain’t got to be like a Freaknik vibe. Freaknik was out of control. This is not. Usually when you have any event downtown, there’s not enough police. As far as the lineup goes, they’ve had bigger names in the past. This year, it’s more for a teenage, early twenties crowd. I like Angie Stone, Anthony Hamilton, Big Boi, George Clinton. But for our age group, 30, there’s not enough old-school R&B and jazz.

Geneva: It’s hard for me to say because I’m usually right there with them. I wouldn’t get in that crowd sober if someone paid me. My whole family goes. They show up like it’s a family reunion. All the rednecks come from all over. This year, I’m kind of in a fight with my cousin, and if he goes, I’m not going. But we’re thinking of putting him in the trunk. I have enjoyed Music Midtown so very, very much. I was a groupie one time, and I believe I met my first husband there.