Streetalk June 03 2004

Are you excited about the big Virginia-Highland Summerfest?

Michelle: You get a lot more variety at Summerfest than at other neighborhood festivals. And I’d rather have a vase from the Summerfest than one from Target. It’s important to support local artists. It’s interesting when you talk to the artists [and] they tell you why they did it or what inspired them. The story behind the art and knowing the person who did it, I think, is cool. It’s not a factory, it’s a story and you can negotiate the price.

Ed: It’s not as popular as the Dogwood but the art is just as good. It’s family friendly. You know there’s nothing that’s going to make you feel uncomfortable with your kids. No porn, no strip shows, no rap. Just a comfortable place and a beautiful neighborhood, too. The art at the Dogwood is very pricey and more commercialized. It’s just big and overcrowded. You can’t even view the art it’s so crowded.

Amy: When I first went to the festival, I appreciated the effort and the structural integrity of what I was looking at. Now some of it I’m embarrassed for the artist. Year after year, it just seems there’s more schlock. And if your children are throwing cans and trash and your sense of entitlement makes you feel that you should not pick that up or that other people should listen to your child wail in public, that’s an interesting choice, but I can’t agree with it. There’s a world of people who don’t want to listen to your little darling scream at the top of his lungs.

-- Jeff Slate