Streetalk February 23 2005

What big-time Hollywood actor do you look like?

Daniel: John Malkovich. I'm pretty strange myself. I used to work at an airport and people would stop me and want my autograph. I do act roles in front of the mirror being John Malkovich. I make up parts. It got one woman. It impressed her for five minutes. I'm a bartender and they come up to me all the time. I do the crazy John Malkovich, the Con Air John Malkovich. The orange jumpsuit is a good look for him.

Jessica: I'm told Nicole Kidman, but I don't see it. She makes a lot of money and she's beautiful, so I don't mind if I'm told I look like her. It's a great compliment. The older I get, the more people tell me I look like her. But my future husband doesn't think I do. I think he'd like it if I looked more like Gisele [Bündchen].

Brandon: Tom Cruise. All the time. It's nice. At least I know I'm decent-looking. Do I get dates all the time? No. Sometimes. But I'm flattered. I don't run around in my skivvies and do the Risky Business dance in my house, not when anyone is looking, at least. He's 44, and he's Hollywood and he's got the bucks to make himself look great. I'm 32, I like to drink beer, have a good time and let loose.