Streetalk March 03 2005

Is Atlanta a hip U.S. town?

Claire: I lived in Chicago, been to all the major cities, and Atlanta is definitely No. 1. Just the right size with the best weather. We have the culture and art. People still have a little bit of Southern hospitality. It’s obviously hip or why else are people coming here? You can actually fathom yourself raising a family successfully here and still have the city life. Everything is cheap compared to those cities but you still have everything else.

Kevin: We’re certainly not trendsetters. We’re a poser. We’re so diverse between ethnicity and country values that I don’t see a good medium between them. We only replicate what’s going on in Hollywood and New York. We lack originality, museums, public transportation and we don’t even recycle. We’re not fashion savvy. Nobody wears baby doll dresses or buys Louis Vuitton purses like they do in Atlanta. We’re about a year behind the rest of the world.

Holly: I like that anybody I ever talked to who thought they were hip doesn’t want to come to Atlanta, which is why Atlanta is awesome. They think we’re all politically square. As far as Seattle-type hipsters, we’re not very hip at all. People are more genuine here because we’re not so hip. But I love Atlanta because there isn’t a lot of pressure to be hip. You can be whoever you are.??