Streetalk March 09 2005

When will smoking be prohibited in all Atlanta bars and clubs?

Michael: By the end of the year. Society is pretty much anti-everything. Anti-fat, anti-smoking, anti-ugly. They’ve demonized smokers and smoking. If you don’t like smoke, don’t go to those bars. There are plenty of places that are nonsmoking. It’s going to hurt the bars because most of the people who come in these places smoke. Cars driving on these roads affect your health more than me smoking a cigarette.

Eric: I hope it will come soon. Georgia is usually the last to catch on. It’s happening all over the country. I’m not proud of smoking. I don’t feel like other people should have to feel the effects or deal with my smoking because of a decision I made 10 years ago. I was just in New York and it wasn’t that big a deal to go outside and smoke. People at first will think it’s a big deal, but after a time, they’ll get used to it.

Cristi: Atlanta thinks it is a real city but it’s not, so it will come soon. But we smokers are the ones who promote the businesses, the alcohol, the social scene and these little shithole bars. We’re being pushed away and then you won’t have any business and you’ll have a bunch of boring old people, like married and divorced people. People are going to drink a bourbon and smoke at home. Freedom of choice is the freedom to smoke in buildings.??