Streetalk March 16 2005

Where is the best and worst place to dine outside in Atlanta?

Kevin: Best is New York Pizza Exchange in Vinings. You get a community feel that you don’t get in other places. They serve decent pizza, good prices on beer. Park Tavern is the worst. Way too much attitude. On Sunday afternoon, they’re all hung over and they show up wanting to be at the cool place. It has this want-to-be-New York feel and they wear a lot of black and they wear their sunglasses and they try to look all cool.

Lucynda: Park Tavern. Everyone is friendly and easygoing. You can bring your dog in. Worst is Front Page News. You’re usually sitting next to a bunch of tourists or pretentious people getting ready to go clubbing. Guys think if they buy you a drink that it gives them permission to follow you around all night. I got a drink from a guy last night who said I was the biggest bitch he ever met in his life and he was extremely impressed. He was a tourist.

Ariyana: Django. It’s very diverse. It’s got really eclectic food. You can see everything in there from a beatnik to a Buckhead Betty. Worst is Café Intermezzo. It takes too long, it’s overpriced, they charge for bread. The patio faces a parking lot and right across the street is 96 Rock, so there’s always radio buses and people doing retarded stuff in the parking lot. You can’t see anything except a big BFI trash can.

- Jeff Slate