Streetalk March 30 2005

How about Turner Field’s high definition video board?

Bob:?My eyesight isn’t that good. If I can’t see something on the field, I’ll be able to see it on the replay. What I hate are records broken by someone who used drugs. It wouldn’t hurt to let people know they used steroids.

Virginia: ?More media overload. I went to a baseball game and felt like I stumbled into a game show. The illusion of celebrity takes away from the game. The video board will be another distraction. If I wanted to watch the game on TV, I’d watch it at home.

Pearson: ?Things are changing. I have kids that use cell phones in the classroom all the time - their CD players, their MP3 players, all this stuff is in the classroom. We’re competing with this everywhere, so baseball is doing the same. Us baby boomers and purists are getting pushed out of every part of society, anyway.