Streetalk April 06 2005

Should dog companies sponsor a Dogwood Festival that doesn’t allow dogs?

Drew & Clipper: Anybody that will give money toward a basic nonprofit event so we don’t have to pay for it is great. But it does bother me. We made it known we’re not happy about it. I was asked to take my dog back home. I hate that the city ordinance is being invoked more and more to keep dogs out of the park. I’ll come to the festival but it’s disappointing.

Kurt & Simon: It’s somewhat shameful. And certainly when [sponsors] were brought in, that wasn’t their understanding. I’m not even sure they realize dogs are no longer allowed in. I love the festival but if you’re going to get major dog manufacturers to sponsor portions of it, you need to come up with a more progressive way of accommodating [dog owners].

Rachel & Ollie: If they want to sponsor it, it’s fine, but they’re wasting their money because they are not reaching their market. I’m not going. I’ll be spending the day with my dogs. I absolutely would have gone if I could have brought my dog. If these companies want to sponsor this event, that’s their business, but most dog lovers are not going to be affected by their sponsorship.